Nara Kosen (National Institute of Technology, Nara College)
National Institute of Technology, Nara College
Address : 22 Yata-cho,Yamatokoriyama,Nara,JAPAN.

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Presentation of research for graduation thesis

@The Department of Information Engineering conducts technical education as to electronics, computer fundamentals, advanced technologies including the hardware and software of computer systems which are needed in various fields of industry. The education in key technology areas is mandatory required to cultivate an information-based society in near future.
@In order to achieve this purpose, we offer students subjects which deal with fundamental theories of electronics and information processing as well as subjects of general education. In higher grades, we offer them subjects concerning the hardware and software of computer systems and the development of information processing systems. These subjects are considered not only in theory but also in practice using computer systems.
@In the fifth grade, students are able to take elective subjects related to advanced technology in the field of information and computer engineering according to their own selection at least two subject. Moreover, students participate in a thesis research to enhance their technology development ability.