Nara Kosen (National Institute of Technology, Nara College)
National Institute of Technology, Nara College
Address : 22 Yata-cho,Yamatokoriyama,Nara,JAPAN.

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Advanced Electronic and Information Engineering Course

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Construction of the Electrical and Electronic Devices

 The course offers advanced academic programs in electronics and information engineering fields providing the engineering education equivalent to university; enhancing the research capability on the application and development in the field of the electronics and information engineering.
 The curriculum is designed to meet a variety of career development or particular interest for students requirements related to electronics and information systems; including the specified mathematical and theoretical subjects, and professional engineering subjects such as electronic device design, electronic system design, optoelectronic circuit analysis, image processing and display development, information system architecture, artificial intelligence, computer software development.
 It is allowed for students to select subject from either electronics or information engineering depending on their interest to join industry directly as a skilled engineer or to continue studies in a graduate school.
 Each student is required to take the several independent workshops for improving their technological and professional skills, and also, to complete the independent research project or the thesis work for enhancing their research ability and activity.

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