Nara Kosen (National Institute of Technology, Nara College)
National Institute of Technology, Nara College
Address : 22 Yata-cho,Yamatokoriyama,Nara,JAPAN.

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Advanced Chemical Engineering Course

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Advanced experiment using Chemical analysis machine

@This course is intended for students who wish to study chemical technology and its related technology. The aims of the course encompass teaching the skills necessary to design and develop new chemical processes as well as educating students to have competence in the application of their knowledge to their research works. Accordingly, while the course consists of appropriate subjects on such fields as chemical engineering, applied chemistry and biochemical engineering, it also provides students with opportunities to acquire ample knowledge and skills to analyze chemical phenomena and, to make research works through a variety of experiments and thesis works. Students are obliged to choose a thesis work reflecting their interests, allowing for current topics in the following fields; process engineering, biochemical engineering, synthetic organic chemistry, electro-applied chemistry and their related technologies.

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