Nara Kosen (National Institute of Technology, Nara College)
National Institute of Technology, Nara College
Address : 22 Yata-cho,Yamatokoriyama,Nara,JAPAN.

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Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Experiments on Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Experiments on Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Research for Graduation Thesis
Research for Graduation Thesis
With a graduate
With a graduate
 The Department of Electrical Engineering educates students intending to be electrical and electronic engineers available to the development of industrial technology.
 The Department offers academic programs spanning a wide range of electrical and electronic engineering from power systems to electronic systems: including basic theories, power electronics and energy conversion systems, information and computer science, electronic devices, and functional materials. In these programs exercises and experiments are made much account to increase the practical abilities of the students.
 In the fifth academic year, students are required to select either of the two advanced technological courses: the Electrical Power Course including the high-voltage engineering, and the Electronics Course containing the application of information processing. Both courses satisfy the special programs for a student to be an electrical power engineer authorized from the government. Besides, each student is supposed to do research work for his or her graduation thesis.