Nara Kosen (National Institute of Technology, Nara College)
National Institute of Technology, Nara College
Address : 22 Yata-cho,Yamatokoriyama,Nara,JAPAN.

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Experiment on analytical chemistry

Research for graduation thesis
@To keep up with reforms of the constitution of industries and advances of technologies, the education for bringing up practical technical experts who have research and development abilities and can carry high techniques is wished. To answer such expectations, we provide two optional courses, namely gApplied Chemical Engineering Course and Biochemical Engineering Courseh from the 4th academic year. Students are to elect either of the two in 4th year.
@We also organize a common curriculum in lower academic year (the 1st~the 3rd year) to educate fundamental principles in many fields.
@In order to promote their abilities in chemical engineering, in the 5th year all students are respectively assigned to each teacherfs office and do graduation research there under the guide of the teacher.
Applied Chemical Engineering Course:
@Students learn design and operation of chemical equipments based on chemical engineering such as conventional unit operations and chemical reaction engineering. Newly they learn synthesis and design of functional materials on molecular levels. Moreover they learn fundamental and applied technologies of chemical energy such as electrical energy and photoelectrical energy.
Biochemical Engineering Course:
@Based on biochemistry, students learn industrial technology of producing useful and new materials making use of microorganism or genetic and protein engineering, and learn biotechnologies of food processes and crops productions Moreover based on biochemical engineering, they learn fundamental and applied technologies of optimum design of biochemical processes and of control systems.